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About Us

STFI is a faith based non-governmental organisation, a signature ministry of Firm Foundation International Ministry. With the mandate of creating a new set of belief system in the 8 spheres of the society.

 This great vision STFI was birthed by Rev Benson Akhigbe ll on the 23rd of August 2006, out of a deep seated passion to empower youths to properly deploy their energy into the development of Africa, so as to secure and not waste the future.

Our dream is to generate a rising and viable range of influence by engaging the
social ills at their core. We also use some elements of non-violent action to bring about a change in our social reality. The idea is to raise powerful people who know how to create the tomorrow they want to see and build that same tomorrow in the society.

Ben & Kay Akhigbe II,

Using Kingdom values to reshaping values,beliefs and cultures in order for all to reach their full potential

"Transformed Mind, Reformed Society”
SETFIC is the program we do in secondary schools. We discovered that the decadence of values in our society has corroded the schools and youths in Nigeria. This is the harsh reality we face. our aim is to resolve these values long forgotten or abandoned in the secondary schools by educating the next generation with a specialized curriculum not typically offered in secondary school to bring reformation, transformation and development in the life of the students and the nation at large. The above is achieved as we provide specialized services and opportunities for identity restoration, value re-orientation, mind transformation, life skill development, vocational skills, change in beliefs and behaviour. These whole programming is achieved through the following platforms:  Club session  Assembly session  Class to class session  Online platform (whatsapp, facebook, telegram etc.)
SETFIN is our youth network program. Our aim is to Strategically Educate, train, and mentor youths in their various spheres of influence with superior ideas and information for the Purpose of cultural transformation, value re-orientation, mindset shift, life skills and leadership development and then deploys them into the society as global giants who are servant leaders. The spheres of influence as mentioned above includes; Arts sports culture and entertainment, politics and government, business and economy, family, media, education, science and technology, belief system
Money Sex And Power Campus Conferences and Campaign is a conference organise by Secure the Future Initiative with the mandate of creating a new set of belief system in core segment (which we have categorized as the eight spheres) which includes ; Arts, Sports, Culture & Entertainment, Politics & Government ,Business & Economy, Family, Media, Education, Science & Technology, and Belief System. The conference provides a platform where superior information is made available to participants so that they can begins to take responsibility for the change they want to see in their individual lives and our nation at large
The need to remain flexible and move in tune with developmental trends as well as to be able to program for the ever increasing of the people we serve gave rise to our Research & Development arm.

What We Do

We seek to improve the qualities of charity, justice, integrity, accountability and responsibility which are the keystones that support all our services and initiatives.
A number of programs have been established within the Initiative to carry out our strategic plan which is encapsulated in an acronym called I.D.E.A.S plan; a plan
which is aimed at bringing Transformation, Reformation and Development to the 8
spheres of our society.

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