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Take Charge – Reposition 2021

The Reposition 2021 is designed to raise and equip a new generation of transformational leaders,
who will become worthy ambassadors of positive change in their spheres of influence,
community and larger society .

This Summit addresses the eight Spheres of Influence of modern society,0
by changing the belief system of the participants so they can take up a superior perspective on any matter.
The outcome is a new attitude and a change of behavior.
This will enhance personal and corporate productivity in our society through a deeper relationship with God, not religion, which brings reformation and transformation.

This event holds 1st October 2021, 9AM at Festus Iyayi hall, University of Benin and Uyi Grand

Register here, to join the league of world changers, and Take Charge.


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Traction Conference


Secure The Future Initiative and Dreams club(a life development program for young adults)
is bringing something amazing for you this May.

We’re glad to present Traction ( A teen conference for 12 to 20-year-olds) .

Theme: Discovering My purpose, Saving my future.

We will focus on the following:
🔥Raising world changer
🔥Rasing global leaders
🔥Building resource persons for nations of the world.

Other exciting parts of this event include:
🔥Quiz competition
🔥Group mentorship session

The date is May 27th
Time is 11 am prompt
The venue is Uyi Grand Event Centre
#SecuredFutureNG #May27th

Fathering A Generation and Beyond – Watch Reposition 2020 Full Video

The truth is, we have all been called to shape culture and lead generations, Nations, systems, and spheres of influence into Destiny. This is what fathering really means.

But lots of questions arise ,like; How can we find purpose and destiny? Who will lead us to destiny? Who will be there to guide and counsel us? Who will be there to love us? unconditionally and patiently? Who will be the ear ready to listen and provide solutions for us? Who will be there to love and never judge us? Who? Who and who will do this for us?? I want to live my dreams in a secured future but how?

This is a call for Father’s to arise!
The 16th edition of the REPOSITION SUMMIT, a summit powered by Secure the Future Initiative was held in Benin City, Nigeria with the theme : FATHERING A GENERATION AND BEYOND


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Fathering a Generation and Beyond || Reposition 2020

Do you know that an average human has over 100 abilities that they can use to change the world?

What if God forbid, that at the end of your life, you discover you lived, utilized, and maximized only one percent of the totality of all the capacities of your inside?

What will be your excuses???

Do you know that we have been called to shape culture, lead generations, Nations, systems, and spheres of influence into destiny?

Do you know what fathering a generation means?

JOIN US: In our international leadership conference on the 8 spheres of influence, as we concede what it means to be a father of to Generations, Nations, Systems, and Spheres of Influence. 

Date : 1st October, 2020
Time : 9 am prompt
Venue : Online

Invite your friends, it’s not a conference to be enjoyed alone.

Registration is FREE, secure your spot here now :


4 Stages Of Love (Part 1)

Love is a very important factor in everything we do.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity, I have become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.

“Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge; and though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing “(1 Cor 13)

The word “love” can be defined In English as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. This definition however is narrow in the context of the kingdom. The Greek has four words for love which are Eros love, which is a strong feeling of attraction or sexual desire for a person. There is also Philia love, which is a result of a friendship between people. The third is Storge, which is love across bloodline. However, the fouth which is the greatest is Agape love. This love is unconditional and not expressed to a person as a result of behavior or performance but solely as a choice. This was expressed in John 3:16. In life and relationship, however, it is good to understand that love grows naturally in 4 stages. the better we understand this, the better we can adjust to those changes, if you don’t understand the changes that love grows into the better you understand this thing you can adjust to the changes to keep love alive, if you don’t understand them then the changes are happening inside you you won’t know what is happening and some of the mistakes. So we want to look at the four natural stages that you go through for those of you who want to be in love or experience love

1. INFATUATION: It’s such a magical time when you are infatuated, such that you see yourself just like heaven. If the world has on top, you are on top of the world.  That is how it feels, and what follows that feeling is that you have focused attention on a specific person that gives you a euphoria feeling and energy. At this point, there is a lot of energy and the values of a person are compromised in order to secure the attention and affection of the other. At this point, there is said to be body chemistry and there is deprivation of sound judgment and an extravagant admiration for a subject. This period usually lasts for 3 to 4 months in most cases and critical decisions such as marriage and personal commitments should not be made at this stage of love. That first natural stage is called infatuation

2. POST -RAPTURE: At this stage, the brain goes back to its normal state. That whole feeling begins to wear out and frustration begins to set in as the differences in each person’s character, personality, and especially weaknesses become glaring. This is the reason for the conflicts in many homes and families. At this point it is important to accept responsibility and also know that you cannot control anyone but can only influence them. Blame begins to set in at this stage and it is necessary to be able to apprehend emotional intelligence.

Click here to continue to Part 2 

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The Reposition Summit is a spiritual transformational leadership summit that provides a platform where participants are equipped with superior ideas and information that our nation needs to thrive.

We invite you to the 15th edition of this great conference, it will be happening simultaneously at two venues with the same speakers featuring at both venues.
It is going to be a life-changing, paradigm shifting-experience. Don’t miss it!

Venues: Uyi Grand Event Center, off Water Resources. GRA. Benin city. & Uniben Ugbowo Campus.
Date: October 1st, 2019. || 9am (Simultaneously)

#TheReposition2019 #TheReposition

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The Reposition 2019

This Summit focuses on taking the eight mountains of society through changing the belief system of participants so they can take up God’s perspective and thrive in every sphere of their life dealings.

If you’re around Ugbowo, Benin City. We are excited to receive you, It is going to be a life-changing, paradigm shifting-experience. Don’t miss it!



MPI (Market Place Influencers) is a major initiative of Secure the Future Initiative, a signature ministry of Firm Foundation International functioning under the supervision of the International Mission Director.
Market Place Influencers is designed to function as a space shuttle i.e. a mission vehicle designed to encourage professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to function as credible leaders and role models, strategically placed to take over their various spheres of influence in the society.
A Market Place Influencer is a leader who can constructively invest in the kingdom by giving his/her time, talent and treasure. In giving ones treasure, one must desire to be a functional financial partner in theory and in practice wherein he or she is a co-laborer/co-architect/co-missioner, working tirelessly for the expansion of the kingdom.
The main objective of being a Market Place Influencer is for these influencers to use what God has given them (Professional Exposure, Achievements, Expertise, Knowledge and Finance) to promote kingdom expansion through what we term as a “give-back-scheme” (the logic is to use what God has blessed you with to bless others).
Every team member (influencer) is a major kingdom investor who benefits from the donation he/she has made either directly (through giving your time or talent) or indirectly (through your treasure). The give-back-scheme is designed as a spiritual catalyst in mission business and this motivates God to boost, contribute and possibly develop all the diverse relationships the influencer is entangled in:

The Market Place Influencer has a healthy personal and private relationship with friends and family members.
The Market Place Influencer has a good integrity based business relationship with people everywhere.
The Market Place Influencer has a spiritual relationship with his/her creator – God.
The Market Place Influencer has a sound emotional relationship with a loved one.
The Market Place Influencer has a missional-relationship with us – FIRM MISSIONS (through STFi).
The Market Place Influencer is always open and willing to engage in the trainings from the Main Church Firm Foundation and its leadership
The Market Place Influencer is connected to the other members of the group in prayers and fellowship
The Market Place Influencer is committed to living an exemplary life that the younger generation can emulate

A summary of Our duties and responsibilities are explained below:

Market Place Influencers are STF AMBASSADORS [any professional who participates];
Market Place Influencers are STF PROFESSONALS [professionals who use their skills, careers, or experiences to support our projects, locally & globally];
Market Place Influencers are STF CHAMPIONS [professionals who help build affinity networks] and,
Market Place Influencers are STF PATRONS [professionals who give generously by funding our projects].