Fathering A Generation and Beyond – Watch Reposition 2020 Full Video

The truth is, we have all been called to shape culture and lead generations, Nations, systems, and spheres of influence into Destiny. This is what fathering really means.

But lots of questions arise ,like; How can we find purpose and destiny? Who will lead us to destiny? Who will be there to guide and counsel us? Who will be there to love us? unconditionally and patiently? Who will be the ear ready to listen and provide solutions for us? Who will be there to love and never judge us? Who? Who and who will do this for us?? I want to live my dreams in a secured future but how?

This is a call for Father’s to arise!
The 16th edition of the REPOSITION SUMMIT, a summit powered by Secure the Future Initiative was held in Benin City, Nigeria with the theme : FATHERING A GENERATION AND BEYOND


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Fathering a Generation and Beyond || Reposition 2020

Do you know that an average human has over 100 abilities that they can use to change the world?

What if God forbid, that at the end of your life, you discover you lived, utilized, and maximized only one percent of the totality of all the capacities of your inside?

What will be your excuses???

Do you know that we have been called to shape culture, lead generations, Nations, systems, and spheres of influence into destiny?

Do you know what fathering a generation means?

JOIN US: In our international leadership conference on the 8 spheres of influence, as we concede what it means to be a father of to Generations, Nations, Systems, and Spheres of Influence. 

Date : 1st October, 2020
Time : 9 am prompt
Venue : Online

Invite your friends, it’s not a conference to be enjoyed alone.

Registration is FREE, secure your spot here now :