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The Reposition Summit is a spiritual transformational leadership summit that provides a platform where participants are equipped with superior ideas and information that our nation needs to thrive.

We invite you to the 15th edition of this great conference, it will be happening simultaneously at two venues with the same speakers featuring at both venues.
It is going to be a life-changing, paradigm shifting-experience. Don’t miss it!

Venues: Uyi Grand Event Center, off Water Resources. GRA. Benin city. & Uniben Ugbowo Campus.
Date: October 1st, 2019. || 9am (Simultaneously)

#TheReposition2019 #TheReposition

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MPI (Market Place Influencers) is a major initiative of Secure the Future Initiative, a signature ministry of Firm Foundation International functioning under the supervision of the International Mission Director.
Market Place Influencers is designed to function as a space shuttle i.e. a mission vehicle designed to encourage professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to function as credible leaders and role models, strategically placed to take over their various spheres of influence in the society.
A Market Place Influencer is a leader who can constructively invest in the kingdom by giving his/her time, talent and treasure. In giving ones treasure, one must desire to be a functional financial partner in theory and in practice wherein he or she is a co-laborer/co-architect/co-missioner, working tirelessly for the expansion of the kingdom.
The main objective of being a Market Place Influencer is for these influencers to use what God has given them (Professional Exposure, Achievements, Expertise, Knowledge and Finance) to promote kingdom expansion through what we term as a “give-back-scheme” (the logic is to use what God has blessed you with to bless others).
Every team member (influencer) is a major kingdom investor who benefits from the donation he/she has made either directly (through giving your time or talent) or indirectly (through your treasure). The give-back-scheme is designed as a spiritual catalyst in mission business and this motivates God to boost, contribute and possibly develop all the diverse relationships the influencer is entangled in:

The Market Place Influencer has a healthy personal and private relationship with friends and family members.
The Market Place Influencer has a good integrity based business relationship with people everywhere.
The Market Place Influencer has a spiritual relationship with his/her creator – God.
The Market Place Influencer has a sound emotional relationship with a loved one.
The Market Place Influencer has a missional-relationship with us – FIRM MISSIONS (through STFi).
The Market Place Influencer is always open and willing to engage in the trainings from the Main Church Firm Foundation and its leadership
The Market Place Influencer is connected to the other members of the group in prayers and fellowship
The Market Place Influencer is committed to living an exemplary life that the younger generation can emulate

A summary of Our duties and responsibilities are explained below:

Market Place Influencers are STF AMBASSADORS [any professional who participates];
Market Place Influencers are STF PROFESSONALS [professionals who use their skills, careers, or experiences to support our projects, locally & globally];
Market Place Influencers are STF CHAMPIONS [professionals who help build affinity networks] and,
Market Place Influencers are STF PATRONS [professionals who give generously by funding our projects].


The need to remain flexible and move in tune with developmental trends as well as

to be able to program for the ever increasing of the people we serve gave rise to

our Research & Development arm.

This help us provide best practices in our programing as well as provide templates

and bluer prints for other organizations.

Our research and development program provide services in but not limited to

Education; Business & Leadership Development; Science & Technology; Belief

System; Family; Culture, Arts & Entertainment; Government & Politics and



Each time Money, Sex and Power is staged in a particular school, it ignites a flame

in the hearts of the students, stirring them up to do good works. They are then put

together in a network that provides a platform for them to unleash their potentials

through voluntary service to their host community.

The Reposition Network recruits, trains, organizes and mobilizes students in

Nigerian tertiary institutions by providing information through periodic training,

seminars for project execution aimed at producing authentic leaders in every

sphere of influence. The whole aim of the network is to raise ambassadors of

transformation, reformation and development in the various campuses.

For every city where a Reposition Network (RN) is planted, they would naturally

engage and embark on projects with the cultural context of the community. They

also pioneer the Dreams Club project for secondary schools around their campus


The mandate of Reposition Network is to “rebuild the ancient ruins and restore

the places long devastated; we will renew the ruined cities that have been

devastated for generations,”


Money, Sex & Power is a campus transformational leadership, functional healthy

relationship and personal effectiveness seminar where we guide young people

through the process of “looking within” to be able to take stock of their dreams,

visions, current skills, talents, experiences and inclinations in order to utilize them

to the maximum for an enviable future, exposing them to the concept of authentic

leadership and family life, offering them the tools and skills for life effectiveness

in any field they will want to go into.

By the end of this training and inner healing program, the participant is

repositioned for transformational leadership, entrepreneurial development, wealth

creation and sustenance. What is more, the participant will join the inner healing

movement and receive techniques on how to activate healing relationships and

family therapy.

You can only transform Nigeria by transforming yourself!


The Reposition Summit is a spiritual transformational leadership summit that

provides a platform where participants are equipped with the superior ideas and

information that our nation needs to thrive. The Summit focuses on taking the eight

mountains of society through changing the belief system of participants so they take up God’s perspective on any matter. The outcome is repentance, a new attitude and a change of behavior and this will enhance their productivity, take charge and stand out in all spheres of society.

Our summit reorients the participants to stop trying to control their life by controlling their behavior but to receive permanent change through a deep relationship with God not religion which brings restoration and renewal. The implication is one; new information and ideas, though vital are not enough inthemselves to transform us. Our faculty of thought must be made new. Secondly, we live life from the inside out. Our behavior will permanently change only when our minds change and renewal is the work of the Holy Spirit Our summit repositions people to become authentic leaders in every mountain of society.

The Dreams Club

This is our program for secondary school students in our communities. Our priority is to lead the students to purpose discovery and to establish healthy moral values. We also help them receive healing from hurting childhood experiences.

Given that young adults comprise of over 50% of the entire population in Nigeria, legitimately regarded as the future leaders; they are, potentially and actually, the greatest investment for a country's development. They serve as a good measure of the extent to which a country can reproduce as well as sustain itself.

The goal of this project is to realize young adult (secondary school students) who are the foundation of the Nigerian society and who through their energy, productivity, character, and orientation will define the pace of national transformation, reformation, development, and the economic, social, and political security of the Nigerian nation.

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