Each time Money, Sex and Power is staged in a particular school, it ignites a flame

in the hearts of the students, stirring them up to do good works. They are then put

together in a network that provides a platform for them to unleash their potentials

through voluntary service to their host community.

The Reposition Network recruits, trains, organizes and mobilizes students in

Nigerian tertiary institutions by providing information through periodic training,

seminars for project execution aimed at producing authentic leaders in every

sphere of influence. The whole aim of the network is to raise ambassadors of

transformation, reformation and development in the various campuses.

For every city where a Reposition Network (RN) is planted, they would naturally

engage and embark on projects with the cultural context of the community. They

also pioneer the Dreams Club project for secondary schools around their campus


The mandate of Reposition Network is to “rebuild the ancient ruins and restore

the places long devastated; we will renew the ruined cities that have been

devastated for generations,”

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