The Reposition Summit is a spiritual transformational leadership summit that

provides a platform where participants are equipped with the superior ideas and

information that our nation needs to thrive. The Summit focuses on taking the eight

mountains of society through changing the belief system of participants so they take up God’s perspective on any matter. The outcome is repentance, a new attitude and a change of behavior and this will enhance their productivity, take charge and stand out in all spheres of society.

Our summit reorients the participants to stop trying to control their life by controlling their behavior but to receive permanent change through a deep relationship with God not religion which brings restoration and renewal. The implication is one; new information and ideas, though vital are not enough inthemselves to transform us. Our faculty of thought must be made new. Secondly, we live life from the inside out. Our behavior will permanently change only when our minds change and renewal is the work of the Holy Spirit Our summit repositions people to become authentic leaders in every mountain of society.

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