A nation where every man and woman is making a difference for transformation, reformation and development.

STFI is a community-based organization with the mandate of creating a new set of belief system in the 8 spheres of the society.
We know that with a new set of belief system, there will be a new set of circumstances in all the spheres of our society and the outcome will be total
reformation, development and transformation in all the spheres of our society.
It was established as a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to
addressing the global giants that affect people within our society. We also engage our society through value re-orientation, leadership and entrepreneurial development programs for individuals who are affected by various categories of social and economic difficulties or giants as we call them.

Our dream is to generate a rising and viable range of influence by engaging the
social ills at their core. We also use some elements of non-violent action to bring about a change in our social reality. The idea is to raise powerful people who know how to create the tomorrow they want to see and build that same tomorrow in the society.

We believe that Nigeria will once again become one of the places people The individuals we serve, comprises of young adults, Students, entrepreneurs and professionals; who ordinarily have the right to participate fully in the process of governance, right to equal development, right to be protected against poverty and the right to access basic social services such as education, health, shelter etc.